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International Equities

Obviously investments in international stocks will increase your diversification because foreign markets often react differently than the US stock market to the very same news.  In addition, many foreign countries offer tremendous growth opportunities.  We all know that many manufacturing industries have relocated to countries like India and China.  This offers the possibility of attractive investment opportunities in international equities from a scenario that is actually negative in many ways for the US economy.  In addition to the opportunity to generate profits from the increasing prices of the shares of foreign companies, diversifying your portfolio into international equities can also provide the opportunity to make additional profits in periods when the US dollar is declining against foreign currencies.

In addition to letting you expose yourself to a wider array of growth opportunities and greater diversification, this category provides another opportunity for Consequence Investing.  For example, if you're one of those people concerned about the long-term consequences of all of the jobs in manufacturing we are losing to China, you might want to consider investing a portion of your international equities investments in funds targeted at selecting the best growth opportunities in China. You see the potential consequence, so you invest in a way that turns the consequence into a positive effect for your portfolio.